Days of Grace - Arthur Ashe

I also do not waste time pleading with God to make me well....
Rather prayer is a medium through which I ask God to show me His will and to give me strength to carry out that will.”

Quotes are from Days of Grace (Knopf 1993).

Arthur Ashe passed away in 1993 from AIDS acquired from a blood transfusion he was given while undergoing double-bypass surgery in 1983 for heart disease.

Arthur Ashe
1943 - 1993
Tennis Star, Author
Arthur Ashe

“Quite often, people who mean well inquire whether I ever ask myself, in the face of my diseases, ‘Why me?’

“I never do. If I ask, ‘Why me?,’ as I am assaulted with heart disease and AIDS, I must also ask, ‘Why me?’ about my blessings.”

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