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The Lang Sisters - LP Album
Singing Along The Way - The Lang Sisters - LP
In Sweet Harmony - The Lang Sisters - LP Album
The Lang Sisters recording with Paul Mickelson
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Some songs by the Lang Sisters with orchestrations by Paul Mickelson:

• The Happy Side of Life
• There Is Joy In That Land
• Oh, He’s So Wonderful
• Yes I Know
• He Is So Great
• He The Pearly Gates Will Open
• May God Be With You
• The Happy Jubilee

God changed Barbara’s life first. And through His devine intervention, Betty and Cherie also were “born again.”

The Lang Sisters in Stockholm
The Lang Sisters In Stockholm

The girls went on to make several recordings for Paul Mickelson’s Supreme Productions label. The album, Singing Along The Way, was recorded in Stockholm during an 18,000 mile concert tour throughout Europe with Paul Mickelson.

Adapted from Somebody Say Glory by the Lang Sisters, Fleming H Revell, 1970, Out-Of-Print

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The Lang Sisters - Betty, Barbara and Cherie, were brought up in their words as sort of “good, psuedo-Christians.” They explain that they always attended church on Sunday, had prayers at meals and bedtime, but had no idea of what being “born again” was all about.

The Lang Sisters with Paul Mickelson at Europafilms The Lang Sisters

Mom made sure that they got some fourteen years of acrobatics, ballet, tap dancing, swimming and modeling. And that paid off as they found themselves being thrown into the entertainment spotlight and recording for RCA Victor.

Television and top night clubs in Nevada followed with offers of big money. “Starry-eyed and eager,” they started climbing fast and furious in the entertainment world. Even a movie offer came their way.

The girls decided they wanted to thank God for their success by singing in their church. But the Pastor surprised them when he refused their offer and read to them from Matthew 6:24: “No man can serve two masters...”

While singing with Russ Morgan’s Orchestra at the fabulous Nugget in Sparks, Nevada, Barbara was the first to see the world through the eyes of Christ: The moms who parked their children in the playrooms while they squandered their money away at the gambling tables, the effects of alcohol on people, the over-the-hill swingers, girls who gave themselves to band members--and the trio’s own preoccupation with money and success.