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B. J. Thomas
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B.J. Thomas
B.J. Thomas with his very expressive voice has achieved success in the pop/rock, country, contemporary Christian and country gospel musical genres.

Some 70 million records have been sold of his recordings. Two were platinum hits; 11 of them were gold. He has won five Grammys and two Dove awards for his inspirational recordings.

His most memorable pop hits include such songs as “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head,” and “(Hey, Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song.”

Many of the Christian songs he recorded were just as memorable: “Home Where I Belong,” “I Wanna Be Ready,” “Without A Doubt,” “What A Difference You Made In My Life,” “You Gave Me Love (When Nobody Gave Me A Prayer),” “Jesus On My Mind,” and “Happy Man.” These songs are still available on the Our ReCollections B.J. Thomas compact disc.

B.J. Thomas came to Christ in 1976 with the prayers and help of his wife Gloria and some friends, after nearly dying from a drug overdose.

While he straddled the pop and country music fields successfully, he found it was very difficult to be both a pop music singer and a Christian recording artist. Narrow-minded Christians would attempt to disrupt his concerts whenever he sang one of his pop hits. Some even sent him death threats. These were very heartbreaking times for him, particularly in 1982 and they forced him to back away during that time from recording any more Christian albums.

Today he continues to give concerts combining his Christian songs with his secular hits in churches and at other events.

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“I’ve come to realize that the main thing the Lord would have me do has nothing to do with singing...No, the main thing He wants is for me to live for Him on a personal, daily basis.”



Our ReCollections - B.J. Thomas
Our ReCollections BJ Thomas, CD, 1996
Word Entertainment
The collection of his most well-known contemporary Christian & Gospel songs including:
• Home Where I Belong
• You Gave Me Love
• Without A Doubt
• Jesus On My Mind
11 more...

Word Entertainment
Ten of his biggest contemporary Christian songs.

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