Andraé Crouch

Andraé Crouch and his twin sister Sandra were born on July 1, 1942 in Los Angeles, California.

There he started singing and playing the piano in the church where his father, Benjamin, was the pastor, and formed his first singing group.

“In 1968 we released the first Andraé Crouch album on the Light Records label. It was the first black gospel record, to my knowledge, ever released by a white gospel label...but could they (the sales reps) sell it? Well, they did, and the rest is history. ”
Ralph Carmichael

Andraé studied at Valley Junior College in California for a career in teaching. During this time he was called to the ministry and formed The Disciples in 1965, along with Perry Morgan and Billy Thedford.

While attending LIFE Bible College, he worked at the Los Angeles Teen Challenge Center and formed the Addicts Choir.

In the late 60s, Tim Spencer of Manna Music introduced Andraé Crouch to arranger/conductor and then Light Records president, Ralph Carmichael. And in 1968,
Take The Message Everywhere , Andraé’s first album on the newly formed Light label was released.
Andraé Crouch and Ralph Carmichael

They wondered if a black gospel record on a white label would sell. Well, it did, and the rest is history.

Andraé was given a Dove Award by the Gospel Music Association for Soul Gospel Record of the Year 1977 and 1978, also Contemporary Black Gospel Album (1985) which he co-produced and performed.

l i n k s

d i s c o g r a p h y
Soulfully  2005
Autograph  2002
Mega 3 Collection I  2002
Mega 3 Collection II  2002
I’ll Be Thinking Of You  2002
Hall of Fame  1999
The Gift of Christmas  1999
Pray  1997
Mercy  1994
The Best Of Andraé Crouch  1993
Vol 1..The Classics  1991
No Time to Lose  1984
Finally  1982
Live In London  1978
This Is Another Day  1976
Live At Carnegie Hall  1973
Keep On Singin’  1969
Take the Message Everywhere  1976

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